Friday, October 06, 2017

What If We Actually Chose?

Today, someone said,
"I didn't choose this life,
With all its trouble
And all its strife."
But what if we did?
What if we actually chose?
Wow! Could it be
That the reason I am here
Is because of me?
What if, in the time before we were born,
The Creator  handed us a horn
And said, "Go ahead and blow.
Blow with all your might.
Blow the life that is right
Just for you.
Blow from the depths of your soul
And I will create the bowl
That will hold what you choose
To be and do
In this lifetime."
A glistening smile
I beam
Hoping my wishes won't seam
That I feel unworthy.
I breathe in deep.
I blow out a song so sweet
That the Creator smiles.
"I want to be born there,"
I say pointing to a location
And then I point to a vocation
And then another.
I point to people I will love
And to spirits from above
And ask for them to guide me.
To the Creator I hand the horn
And bow my head and listen.
"As you wish," the Creator says.
"But wait," I say.
"A couple more things,
If you please.
Provide people
and clues 
to remind me 
that this life I choose
Is for my own good
Have them help me
Remember that I am
A divine being
Having an earthly experience."
The Creator nods
And says,"I shall
and I won't forget to call

And say I love you
Over and over and over 
in so many beautiful ways."

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