Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sugar Booger is Going for a Ride!

Denise let Tigerboy out of the stroller so he could get some exercise. Sugar, then, got to go for a ride.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Yeonmu a suburb of Nonsan, South Korea

Grandma Denise walking Tigerboy and his dog, Sugar back home on the 2nd floor. (Click on any photo to enlarge it.)

Bonnie and Jiho's living room is a tiny 9'-8" by 9'-10" And this is the biggest room in their apartment.

Traditional Neighborhood in Yeonmu, South Korea, just south of Deajeon.

Mushroom walking Tigerboy on the street next to Jiho and Bonnie's apartment.

A feast of ginseng with the Yoon family in a restaurant in Geumsan.

Denise with Jiho holding Tigerboy in a ginseng market. There was ginseng everywhere in the town of Geumsan. It is world famous for it ginseng. Jiho has been making me a fresh ginseng smoothie every evening.
Quan Yin statue at a sacred spring (water) site.

A Little neighborhood street. Notice the 2 story school at the far end of the photo. Jiho and Bonnie live right next door to the school.
High School boys on their way to school in Yeonmu, South Korea

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Isis & Tigerboy

Isis November 2007
Tigerboy February 2006
Isis & Tigerboy in the same pose.

Isis Ina Yoon is Born!!!

Isis Ina Yoon was born in the year of the Golden Boar, 4 November 2007 in Deajeon, South Korea. She was born at 3:30 in the wee hours of Sunday morning while her abuelito (grandfather) was being the celebrant at Leilani and Phil's wedding.

Phil and Leilani's Wedding

Mushroon leading the bride and her party to the wedding.

Leilani and Phil were married on Saturday the third evening of November 2007 in Ybor City, Florida. Leilani asked her uncle Mushroom to be the celebrant.

Roberta, Leilani's aunt, took these photos.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Leilani & Phil are getting married

On Saturday 3 November 2007 Leilani & Phil are getting married. Leilani is my niece. She has had a habit of stealing my heart every time I see her.
I remember, when she was an infant in San Jose, California, Denise and I taking turns holding that beautiful little babe. She is still a "babe", but now she a professional journalist and has stolen Phil's heart. I suspect that Phil left his heart in a readily accessible place for Leilani to steal it.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hluhluwe, a small town out in the South African bush

Click on any photo to enlarge it, then click your back arrow.Fresh vegatables
Selling goods under a sign
Shoppers carrying their goods home.
Notice the large purple bag on the woman's head.
Haircut anyone? The mother is carrying her baby on her back the way Koreans do.

Elephants in South Africa

Mother and baby elephant crossing the levi to get a drink and play in the water. A second female elephant came up and charged at the lead car in order to get it to give them room to get to the water. Then it backed itself down the waterside of the levi backwards so that she could keep an eye on us.

Celebrating 33 Years of Wedded Bliss in South Africa

Denise & Mushroom having dinner in Camps Bay in South Africa
Denise & Mushroom in the Indian Ocean SandDenise is writing a love note to Mushroom Mushroom waves to Denise as he comes out of the Indian Ocean surf.Our "Tented" Dwelling was actually a concrete structure with a tent roof and partial sidewalls that allowed us to hear the night wind and morning birds.
Controlled burn of the African Bush

Denise standing beside the Nelson Mandela Statue in Johannesburg, South Africa
Married Woman at Lesedi Cultural Center
Elegant Wine Cask in Wine Country not far from Capetown

Monday, September 03, 2007

South Africa

Click on a photo to enlarge it.Denise at the Cape of Good Hope

Who would have thought that we would find Penguins in Africa. These are Jack Ass Penguins because of the sound they make when calling each other.Baboon family eating bubble gum at the Cape of Good Hope.
Crocodile at Lake St Lucia
Thorn bushes were everywhere. Notice the rhino in the background.
Cheetah eating chicken at a Cheetah rescue preserve.

Giraffes, but then you knew that.
Zebra on the Heritage Lodge grounds. Notice Denise by the grey bricks.
Nyala drinking from a pond that has crocodiles and hippos
Water Buffalo in the bush. These are very dangerous. Look at the horns.

Elephant Telling Us to Back Off.
Hippos relaxing in Lake St. Lucia, the largest Salt Water Lake in South Africa
Denise and others hiking through the bush looking for African rhinos.

Rhino warning us to stay back, while we were on our walk.