Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mushroom Hat

My dear friends, Fred & Leila, gifted me with a special birthday hat. I wore all day today.

When I went to visit Eda Bea in the hospital, her nurse, smiled and said, "oh, now it makes sense. Eda Bea said that she was waiting for Mushroom to take her home. We thought she was hallucinating. Now that we see you in your hat, we understand that she was serious."

This hat has made so many people smile today. I might have to wear it in public more often. ;-)

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Tigerboy goes to soccer practice

Tigerboy listens to the coaches instructions along with his parents.Time to control the ball
The coach says, "Everyone stop the ball with your foot!"
Everyone runs and kicks the ball.
Tigerboy scores ! ! !

Click here to see Isis play Mustache-Beard game with Mushroom

Isis was having such a fun time playing with her abuelito (grandfather) Mushroom, that she hugged his thigh really tight. When I have been picking her up, she rubs her finger across my mustache and beard and says, Mushtache. Beeeeeard. This time she got carried away. It was so much fun.
Click on the title to see the YouTube video of our little word game.