Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Getting Ready for Tiger's Birth

The week before, Bonnie, Jiho and Denise went shopping for baby things. The day before we all went on a liesurely hike up a paved mountain train. When we finished we had lunch at a restaurant called, "MUSHROOM". Fancy that! Denise and I make a heart shape with our hands on Bonnie's tummy.
The day Edan was born we went to a scheduled doctor's appointment to check on Bonnie's progress. When they did the ultra sound, she looked like she could pop at any moment.

Bonnie's Labor

Denise and Jiho worked as a team to coach Bonnie. When a contraction would start they would count for her. I was Jiho's backup. He left shortly to get his parents when they arrived at the birthing center. When Denise and I coached Bonnie, she received the count in stereo. I played the didgeridoo to help ease the pain. I kept pace with the count. after four hours my lips with wasted. Early in the labor, albiet HARD labor, they gave Bonnie an excercise ball to bounce on and to roll on to help the labor. Dr. Choi explained the process to Bonnie.

Edan Ee Soo Yoon is BORN !!!

Edan Ee Soo Yoon is BORN !!!

He gave us a little scare because Dr Choi had to spank him several times to get him to cry. She had to clear fluid from his mouth between spankings. Then he let out such a beautiful first earth cry. We were all so happy and so thrilled.

Edan was born at 11:18 PM on 20 February 2006 in Deajon, South Korea. He is 56 cm long and weighs 3.44 Kg. (22" long, 7 lbs 9 oz)

Family photo ops with new born Edan

We were all so excited that we just coudn't wait to hold Edan in our arms and have a photo taken.

Happy Edan

Edan is happy to be home.

Feeding Edan

Bonnie and Edan were spending time learing how to breast feed. It has been such a beautiful sight to behold.

Home in mom's arms

New Born Edan didn't like his picture being taken. We were so glad that he was home at last. It will be a life changing adjustment for Bonnie and Jiho now that Edan has been born. As a matter of fact, all of our lives will be changed. Denise and I are now grandparents and Jiho and Bonnie are now parents.