Monday, October 16, 2017

Me Too. Yo Tambien.

Me Too. Yo Tambien.

What have we taught our young men?

It starts when they are young,

When their lives have just begun.
“Stop crying like a girl!
You’ve got to grow up and twirl

The world on your finger.

Don’t be weak like a girl and linger

In tears that only bring fears forcing me to switch gears

And beat real manhood into you.

Don’t let me catch you playing house.

And don’t you dare complain or grouse

When I take away your soft cuddly toys.

Those things are for sissy girls not for boys.
Men grab the world by the balls.

While girls look pretty like horses in stalls.
Men fight in wars because they are strong.

Showing your feelings is nothing but wrong.

Bite your lip, stuff your feelings in.

Expressing them shows you’ve given in.

And a real man, you can never be.

You need to grow up and be like me.”

But this is not who we are.

Becoming that will produce a scar

Over our ears and our eyes

So that we will believe the lies

That girls are ours for the taking.

What kind of world are we making?

No more! I say. No more! I demand.

We will not teach our sons that they can command

Any girl, any woman to do his bidding.

He shall respect, be kind and be loving

To every girl and every woman.

For each and every one is a reflection

Of his sister, of his mother, of his daughter.

And he must treat them all

As if he were their son, their brother or their father.
We must teach our sons to nurture.

Without that, we’ll have a painful future.
We must teach them to be kind and to share.

When they grow up, they will care.

They’ll be protective of every living thing.

Making Mother Earth safe for every human being.

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