Sunday, December 16, 2018

Asking the Potato Bush for a Healing

The uninvited microscopic visitors that I have been having coffee and tea with for that past couple of days, waged a battle with my bronchial tubes. I coughed and hacked and coughed some more.
Our purple flowering potato bush whispered, "Come outside and I will help you."
I walked out, and the air immediately embraced me with her silky breath. I opened the gate in the old picket fence and stepped into the backyard. I touched the pink rose bloom that was smiling at me and asked it to help. I reached up to shake hands with our guava tree, asking that it also to help me. I walked around the guava and gave the Bird of Paradise bloom a big smile. I stopped, breathed in deep and turned toward the potato bush that now reached a height of 8 feet and is at least as wide. I held one of her leaves, gently with my thumb and finger. I closed my eyes, breathed in deeply, and asked it to help my body heal, to be a conduit from Mother Earth to bring me healing.
I could feel energy flowing into my arm. It felt like a loving embrace.
Before I opened my eyes, I heard the bees buzzing around the orange tree. When I opened my eyes, a bright ripe orange lay to the right of my feet. I thanked the plant people and Mother Earth. I went inside and ate the orange. My coughing had subsided when I first set foot into the backyard. It stopped when I held the potato bush.
I am blessed.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Grief Throws A Blanket

Grief throws a blanket
Over our heads,
And punches us in the stomach
So hard,
It knocks us to the ground.
Sometimes we’re afraid
To lift the blanket
And get up.
We hold our breath,
Not moving,
Wishing the grief
Would just go away.
But we have to get back up
On our own two feet
In order to remove
The blanket of grief.
We must stand up
And open our eyes,
Letting the tears
Clean our lenses
So that we can see
That we are still here.
The grief has not consumed us,
When we stand up,
Our legs might wobble,
And our shoulders might shake,
But we will feel
Flowing back in.