Sunday, October 23, 2005

Jeremy died on 23 October 1992

My Sister called me this evening. She said that she did not know why, but she felt compelled to call. She had forgotten what the date was. She forgets every year. Why should she want to remember such a painful day? Even though her memory blocks the date, her heart refuses. Thus, without consciously know why, she calls me every 23rd of October. She calls me on the day that Jeremy died, in 1992.
He haunts us. Not in a bad, way, mind you. Just in such a way, that my sister, having forgotten what day it is, feels compelled to call her big brother.
We consoled each other. We laughed at stories about Jeremy. We laughed at stories about our dead parents. Dead people offer so many good stories. It is like finding chocolate behind a box of cereal, when no one else is around except for your sister. So you both eat it all, gleefully delighting in your loot. And still, I would gladly give up those dead people stories, for live people stories.
A friend at work reminded me that in order to mourn, you must have loved the dead person. She is right. And death still sucks.
My son’s death still bites far too deeply. And yet, I can laugh at stories of his life.

Thanks Jeremy, for your life, for your laughter, for all that you have gifted me. I miss you. Come and visit me. Maybe we can play tag again.

Gabriella B. Muelher-Roosevelt

Gabriella Lived Life to the Max!!! Posted by Picasa

Gabriella B. Muelher-Roosevelt

Gabriella, our very dear friend, died on the 17th of October 2005. Tears flow and a lump swells in my throat as I realize that she won't come buzzing by on her motorcycle anymore. Denise and I loved this fellow bereaved parent. We consoled each other as we grieved for our dead sons.
Gabriella was a free spirit, a biker, intent on squeezing as much out of life as humanly possible. And she had a beaultiful and delicate side that she shared with us. She had a smile that said, " I have a secret about life and I know that you know it too. Come on, let's go out and really live."
She was a high energy, full of love, full of excitement, working with heart to help heal those in pain, working hard to make the world a better place.
My heart cries and laughs as I think of Gabriella. She was an angel who walked among us.

Denise and I will miss her very much.

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