Sunday, May 12, 2019

MOM Means Mother Of Mine

MOM means Mother Of Mine
And that is just fine
By me.
When my time
Within her belly
Came to an end
Death wrapped his
Blubbery white thighs
So very tight
That try as I might
I could not
Get out
Death laughed
At my mother’s pain,
At her fright, and fear
That she and me
Would die,
While men
Took their sweet time
Considering what could
Or should be done.
In the eleventh hour
The knife sliced through
My mom’s belly
Cutting her and me,
Setting me free
To breath and cry
I am alive!
I am alive!
My mom and me
Share a scar
That marked me
Belonging to her.

Friday, May 03, 2019

I Am Grateful For My Body

I am grateful for my body,
Just the way it is,
And is not.
We, my body and me,
Have conquered Seven
Experience filled decades
That have been gifted
With the sweet and gentle
Touches of Tenderness
From parents, siblings,
Lovers and our children.
My body brought me pain
Each time it broke, or tore
From a crash, a fall, and
The terror and guilt of war,
I am grateful for my body
That held the tiny hands
Of our baby boy,
And then held his hands again
As he lay dying.
I am grateful that my body can cry
And wail
And tell my sad story.
I am grateful that my body
Can still climb mountains,
Swim and ride a bike a 100 miles,
And hold the tiny hands of my grandson.
I am grateful for my body
That can sit quietly listening
Filled with pride
As our daughters and son
Play music.
I am grateful for my body's ability
T0 hear the heartbeat of my mate
As we continue
Loving and living
In our seventh decade.