Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Somewhere Out There - An American Tail

When Denise & I were in the process of adopting Olga (Celeste) this movie came out. It always makes me cry happy tears.

Celeste just walked in to the room and I was too choked up to talk. We are so lucky to have our very own "Celestial Being."
Ya tibia lu blu, Mia Olinka

Arizona Senate Bill 1070

Arizona Senate Bill 1070 "demands that police officers inquire about the immigration status of every person they have an interaction with whom they believe to be undocumented."

Watch the video to see who is behind the bill and who was involved in writing the bill. Is this who you want writing our state and national laws?

The video starts with the anchor talking about what appears, at first, to be unrelated to the Arizona law. It ties in. So keep watching.
After watching the video, let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Soccer & Volleyball at Mile Square Park

We met at Mile Square Park today to watch Jiho play soccer. When Isis saw me, she ran and grabbed my legs, giving me a look that melts my heart.
Bonnie's look says, Grandma is having way too much fun torturing her grandson.
Tigerboy was having way too much fun to be concerned about omah's look. Isis and Bonnie were styling in their sunglasses.
Isis found a toy baby stroller and sat in it. "Look grandpa, take a picture of me!"
If I were a rock star, this is what I would look like. Aren't I cool!
I love Popcicles and I can get half all the way into my mouth. Watch me!
If you look closely you will see grandpa in my sunglasses. He loves taking photos of me. You can't blame him, I'm just too cute to resist. ;-)
The Boy's team
The pre-game huddle
Jiho & Tu

Sai was filming the game. See Jiho on the other side of the field.
Jiho was number 8.
Tigerboy and Grandma practiced volleyball.
I'm ready Grandma.
Hey look! Grandma and I have the same stance while the ball is in the air.

Sai saves the ball! Way to go, Sai!
Now Sai's sister saves the ball as she flies into the air. Wow!
These are the women who played volleyball and those who supported them.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Saturday Morning Hike with Winnie &John

Denise and I went on a hike with Winnie & John to El Moro Canyon, just North of Laguna Beach.

It was a cloud covered morning. It was great for a mildly strenuous hike up and down the hills.

After we left El Moro Canyon, we ate breakfast and hiked around Crystal cove along the beach.

John delighted in showing me the bottom of his shoes.
Winnie & John searched the tide pools for hermit crabs and other sea creatures.
I love nasturtiums.
Denise loves to take photographs.

La Mare working in concert with the wind created this beautiful sculpture. Click on it and see the figures that will bring you delight.

Looking out at the ocean is wonderfully refreshing.
Winged messengers herald the day's secrets.
Mushroom took a break after the 2 hour hike.