Friday, May 03, 2013

I am grateful for the stories we can tell with our bodies.

I am grateful for the stories we can tell with our bodies.
We can move the muscles in our face telling those around us if we are happy or sad. 
We can extend our hand, pat someone on the shoulder, or ruffle someone's hair and we tell a story. 
When we pay attention to what stories our bodies are telling, we become active participants in the "performance" called life. 
When I dance and let my body move as it wishes, magic runs through my being unlocking a joy that waits deep inside of me to be freed. Try it for yourself. Dance as if no one is watching. Let the magic of your body flow with the rhythm of life.

The video below shows how a group of people can tell a compelling story with their bodies. 

Thursday, May 02, 2013

I am grateful for quiet moments.

    I am grateful for quiet moments.
    Our lives can get so busy and so hectic that we feel exhausted and not in control. We race to get things done, to get from here to there.
    When we get those quiet moments when we don't have to race anywhere, we can breath and actually enjoy it. When was the last time you gifted yourself with enjoying the delight there is in simply breathing? Just watch a toddler or a kid in junior high. They can become fascinated with what they can do with their breath. They make noises, they blow bubbles with their own saliva, they hum and play with their breath.
    The quiet moments are gifts to ourselves that help us shift our awareness to the present moment. Only the present exists. We all know that intellectually. When we can stop long enough to be aware, then we have the opportunity to be fully alive in the moment.