Sunday, August 27, 2006


I have been asking people to answer a few questions. 
There are no wrong answers because these come from
your innermost feelings at the very moment that you
answer the questions.

Who are we, really?
Why do we exist?
What is our purpose?

Please do not write down what you have been taught. I
want to know what is in your heart at the moment you
answer the question. It may be completely the
opposite from what you were taught to believe. And
that is just fine. I find that when I allow my "soul"
to have a voice, new insights emerge and my
understanding of those questions gets clarified a bit
What we were taught is a model, an attempt to answer
those questions. But what we were taught is some
else's answer, someone else's model of thier reality.
I want to know that your answers. Perhaps, when we
all put our answers together, our own understanding of
our own answers will spark an enhanced awareness of
who are we, really, why we exist and what is our

Don't be surprised if your answers begin to change as
you start answering these questions.
I will be answering those questions myself, for myself
and posting them.

Denise's Gardening Magic

Denise had been saying that she wanted to improve our front lawn. Since she has a green thumb, I asked Ben (our neighbor) to take out our lawn, altogether. This afforded Denise a "canvas" upon which she created a lovely growing work of art.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

NW Montoya Family at the Midori Teriyaki Restaurant

The whole family visited the Jeong's at their Midori Teriyaki restaurant. Poor Jiho had to stay in Korea. He had just been promoted to Captain and thus could not take vacation.
It was so wonderful having Bonnie and Tigerboy visit us from Korea. Bonnie spoke with the Jeong family in Korean. Mr Jeong used to grow mushrooms when he was in Korea. Now he and his wife own the Midori restaurant.

Kangaroo Denise with Baby Edan

The Celestial Being was the caller for her Dragon Boat Team again this year. Bonnie and Edan (Tigerboy) were there to cheer Celeste on. Harmoni (Grandma in Korean) Denise was thrilled to play kangaroo with Edan.

Tiberboy celebrates his first 100 days

Tigerboy was over 100 days old on 11 May 2006. We took lots of photos to celebrate the event.

We visited with Rui and Dr Chuck on the way to Brett & Jessica's wedding. Dr Chuck gave Tigerboy a checkup and showed us that he was at the top of the chart for his size and weight.