Monday, November 20, 2017

Grief Plays CDs

December 18 is our oldest son's birthday.

Jeremy died in 1992

at the young age of 22.

His absence sits with my grief,

in their car, playing CDs

Of my now foggy memories.

The bastards leave their car window open

So that my heart can hear.

They keep it turned loud enough

To reach my ears,

And low enough

To hear me cry.

That is why
They wait to slither

Out of their car

And wrap their arms around me.

They do not come to comfort me.

They can't.

They come to drink my tears,

And whisper, "Jeremy is dead."

Their words bang and bang inside my head.

Making more tears flow,

More tears that they can drink

More tears that make me think

And make me wish that I would

Bring him back if I could.

And then I hear his voice
Deep inside me
Sewing my heart's rips and tears
One stitch at a time.
"I did what I needed to do, Dad.
You loved me and I needed that.
You made me laugh
You made me cry
You taught me so much

With your example.
I watched and copied you

Especially those things that I knew
Would help me be
What I wanted to be,

You encouraged me

To be my best
You showed me how to share

From the heart.
And I gave my heart,
I gave liver and kidneys too
Not even my death
With my lifeless body

Could stop me from saving a life or two

Or three or four

And maybe more..
I'm sorry that my death make your heart hurt.

And from your eyes sad tears squirt.
Don’t forget 
That I never neglect
To visit you 
Whenever you 
Cry for me.
I love you, Dad.
Here is a cyber hug for you from me:
❤((((((Dad)))))) ❤

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Welcome Home, Veterans

I am grateful for businesses that honor veterans for Veterans Day.

There is a lot to be said
for a citizen who is led
by his commitment to his country
to be willing to sign
on the dotted line
that he will defend
The constitution to the end.
And for those of us who fought
In lands far away
For our freedom and for others
Welcome home, I say.
And to the parents and siblings
Of our fallen brothers and sisters
We cry with you for your loss
Because they were truly
Our brothers and sisters, too.

Friday, November 03, 2017

Come And Sing With Me

Come And Sing With Me

Come and sing with me.
Play and laugh today.
Come and sing with me
And I’ll chase all your worries away.

Smile a smile today.
Give me a grin.
Do it quickly now.
Go on give in.
Give in to love.

Let it surround you,
Playing your song.
Your voice will astound you
By warming your heart
With joy and laughter.
HA!  HA! HA! HA!

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Halloween Worry

Trickery, snickery, knock.
I run around the block
Trying to beat the clock
Before the candy runs out.
And if it does, I'll shout
And yell and scream about
The unfairness of it all
When I should be having a ball
Eating tons of candy,