Friday, August 12, 2005

Dragon Boats return after the race. Posted by Picasa

Celeste gets ready as the Caller of her Dragon Boat Team Posted by Picasa
Celeste was the Caller for her Dragon Boat team. There were teams from Canada, Oregon and Washington. She went to practice with her friend, Crystal, after school and at the beginning of the summer. It was a cool typical Seattle gray summer day at the start of the races. By late afternoon, Summer prevailed and it was warm. There was a blind team. Only the caller and tillerman were sighted. As they were leaving their waiting area to go to the dragon boats, I heard the tillerman ask for directions to the boats. He was told to follow Fred, to which he exclaimed, What!?!? Am I suppose to follow a blind man?" I had to laugh. It was an excited, fun filled day on the lake.

Eggs & Bacon with Hashbrowns and Bacon bathing suits for Vicka and Julia crocheted with love by Mushroom Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 01, 2005

50 year old John, strums his new washboard tie birthday present from Sara. Posted by Picasa

John's 50th Birthday Party

My little brother, John, turned 50. Imagine that. He has aged well, filling his life with fun, hilarity, and a hunger for learning and experiencing new things. Winnie started planning his party months and months ago. Our main task was: Do Not Let John Discover the Party. This was no easy task.
I called John to tell him that I was going to be in Long Beach in the middle of August. That was a true statement. I just did not tell him that I was going to be there for his surprise birthday party. Winnie feigned backaches a few days prior to the party and told John to go take a hike (with Dana on the day of the party). I told Dana that he could just be very late to start his hike with John.
True to Montoya fashion not one person was on time. Not one. Not even me. Dana was supposed to have gotten John to the park by 11:30. Had he been on time, he would have been surprised, alright, because no one was there yet. Jazz was the first one there. She was soon followed by the others. We all quickly decorated the gazebo. Winnie called Dana and told that we were ready.
John and Dana walked toward the pond and as they came over a knoll we all jumped up at said “SURPRISE! ! !” John saw me and said, “You lied.” Then he looked at Sara and said, “You lied.” It turns out that many of us did what was necessary to keep John in the dark.

To everyone’s delight, John climbed a tree to the top and the nephews, Anthony & Joseph, tried to throw water on Tree Top John. Later, John wrestled Anthony to the ground. Then he suffered the teasing that a 50 year old could pin down a 19 year old.
The food was great, the party was fun. The helium balloons soon became water balloons.

We all had a great time. Wish you had been there.

John tries to blow out 50 candles. Posted by Picasa

MRJRM Enjoying John's 50th Birthday Party Posted by Picasa