Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

Chef Denise created some delicious waffles for Thanksgiving Brunch, Yummy!
Then we played Scrabble and Tara won!!!
Mother & son (in-law) It has been wonderful having Eda Bea here for Thanksgiving.

WACAP Auction

We all had a great time helping to raise funds at the WACAP Auction

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The forest creates its annual autumn carpet

Autumn's blustery winds and heavy rain have stripped our forest to the nude. Brrrr. You can almost make out the houses in the neighborhood behind our beautiful illusory forest and stream. Yes, there is a flowing stream hiding amongst the trees. For contrast take a look at spring.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Tigerboy is having fun.

Tigerboy challenges Sugar Booger.
Tigerboy is having fun in his new outfit.
Go to Bonnie's blog to see more great pictures of me.

Such FUN Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Calendar for the NW Kidney Foundation

Yesterday the NW Kidney Foundation sent a talented photgrapher and a their charming Public Relations guru to our house to shoot us - with the camera, silly. They will be including Denise and I in their 2007 calendar. We are delighted. During the shoot, I suppose that I was being a bit too talkative. Can you imagine that;-) So Denise put her hand over my mouth to quiet me down a bit. The photographer caught it. Denise said that it looks like I am going to talk as soon as she puts her hand down. She knows me so well ;-)

The Forest still lives in our Autumned backyard

It may be Veterans Day 2006, but Autumn is still keeping the beautiful illusion of our forest in our backyard. If you continue down my blog you will see the digression of Autumn from Summer in the photos below.

Autumn rains grow mushrooms

We found mushrooms growing at the tree base in the Northwest corner of the backyard.
Denise found the butter mushroom and the tree trunk mushroom growing on fallen tree limbs in our illusory forest. Beauty abounds everywhere for our eyes to feast.

Autumn Winds Tossed a Surprise

The wind spirits surprised us with with a tree that appeared as if it had no bottom and no top. They suspended it over a much smaller tree's limbs The spirits of nature bless us with such beauty and delight. And they do it behind our house.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

November 2nd 1977 was the day our not so little pumkin, Orlando Shashi Montoya was born. Denise baked him a brownie which we lit with 29 candles, thus signifying the termination of his twenties. When Orlando was not much more than a tiny tot, he would refer to a group of grownups as dults. It there was only one grownup, he would refer that that person as a dult. Now he is a dult, himself, fancy that. Posted by Picasa

We celebrated Debi's birthday party here recently. She is such a joy. And that hat she's wearing is so celebratory! Posted by Picasa

Ginger in Raincoat

Ginger (Kimchee Dog) has turned her eyes on once we dressed her in her raincoat. Did you notice that she is looking through her visor? Now she is ready to go for a walk in the great wetness of the North Wet. Posted by Picasa

The Autumn rain is here and the leaves are carpeting the ground. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween conjured up pirates and candy witches. Posted by Picasa

November First Brings the Falling of Leaves in our Illusory Forest. But not before the Little Witches and not so little pirates invade the neighborhood. Celeste was busy casting her magic spell which compelled people to give her candy. Posted by Picasa