Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Grandson: Keegan Eric (Valentino) Montoya

We have a new grandson! ! !  He was born on Valentine's day.  Orlando and Tara had not picked out a middle name for him by the time he was born.  I suggested Valentino and I told everyone.  Then they gave him the middle name, Eric.  
Eric was Jeremy's middle name.  
 Denise got to see him this month.  I hope I get to see him before he grows up and moves out of the house.
 His name is Keegan Eric Montoya.

April Fool's Day Flood

On April Fool's Day my son called me to tell me that our basement flooded.  I was hoping it was an April Fool's joke.  Nope.  I hired a concrete core drilling company to bore a hole into the foundation to ensure that the basement won't flood again.
 This is what we found in the crawl space next to the flooded basement.
 Core drilling a hole into the foundation should do the trick.
 My dilemma was determining how far to dig so that the hole in the foundation wall was lower than the basement floor.
 We put that pipe in that trench and covered it up, again.
I owe a great thank you to Mark for all the help he provided me.  He crawled under the house, , with me, and helped to replace the sump pump.  
The water was sooooooo cold.
He even picked me up at the airport and presented me with a Coca Cola.  Thanks, Mark.

Retirement Quilt

 I retired on Halloween 2008 from GSA.  I just received a most marvelous gift: a retirement quilt.  Several of my former coworkers contributed.  Joy put it together.  I am so lucky to have such good friends.