Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Beauty Abounds

Beauty abounds. Just take a look.
I mean really look. Beauty abounds around you.
Under foot, over head, side to side.
Awe. Such splendor is gifted upon us. Beauty abounds.
Look. The fairy hides, hidden in his wooden cloak.
He brings us awareness of the beauty all around.
"Look!" He shouts into our minds.
"Down here!
Deprive thyself not of the wondrous glory.
Your awareness I have beckoned.
Take heed.
Beauty abounds all around you."

Friday, September 18, 2009

I Am Aware Of My Existence.

I am aware of my existence.
My fingers touch my skin
and they become aware of what they are touching
and what is touching them.
I am aware of my existence. My existence is aware of me.
I step forward.
The air caresses my skin with soft kisses that awaken more of my skin and the muscles underneath.
I twirl on my foot and the dance begins.
My arms caress the muse that has entered my chamber.
Music wells up from within.
Joy enters the dance, kissing my lips as they gift a smile.
I am aware of my existence and my existence dances its awareness of me.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Denise & Mushroom go to Carlsbad

The beach was warm and inviting. It soothed my tired bones.

Denise just can't resist playing in the sand.
I looked down and to my amazement, the sand took on a life of its own as the mermaid shampoo receded.

Mother Nature loves to play in the sand too.

After we found a place to park we found this beautiful tree that had bright yellow mushrooms.

Edan loves spending time with Grandma

There is such a loving bond between Edan and Grandma. Edan just adores her.
Me too.

Isis Comes to Play

Omah and daughter, pretty in pink.

Tigerboy decided to give his little sister a kiss.
Tigerboy was so gentle with his little sister.
Blowing your nose can be so much fun!
Jiho is playing with Sugar. That furry ball is a dog.
Poor little Isis wore herself out. Daddy cradles her on his shoulder, as only a daddy can.
Isis was so tired that not even Bonnie's laughter could wake her.

Tigerboy comes to play

In Korea, my brothers would be little grandfathers to my grandchildren. Raymond took the opportunity to be a little grandfather and delighted Tigerboy into a playful smile.

Tigerboy was having so much fun stealing his abuelito's hat. He would grab the hat off of his abuelito's head and run. I would chase him and retrieve my hat. Then is abuelito turned him topsy turvy, while he gleefully giggled all the while.