Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tigerboy's Blanket

Abuelito Mushroom Finished the Blanket he crocheted for his grandson, Tigerboy.
Tigerboy nurses while he and Bonnie enjoy lying under the Baby blanket that Grandpa Mushroom crocheted for him.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

First, 27th & 58th Birthday Celebration

The preparation is mighty as Lela and Celeste light the candles.
Bonnie and Mushroom Blow out the candles as Tigerboy is fascinated with the burning candles.
Stop making fun of me.
Celeste helps Jiho attend the party via the webcam all the way from Korea.
Vickie & Bonnie watch Abuelito play with Tigerboy
Tigerboy opens birthday presents but enjoys the wrapping just as much.
Opening Birthday Presents
Tara & Orlando and Josh & Lisa enjoying themselves
Josh taks a video while Lisa chats with partiers
Said & Gina, Tamila, Pedro, Maria, Celeste, Eda Bea, Tara & Orlando
Denise worked so hard and is so delighted by how joyfully the party is going.