Sunday, January 18, 2009

Why Seattle Men Wear Kilts

Why men wear kilts in Seattle

Men wear kilts because Seattlites need sunlight. Now, I realize that may sound peculiar. But it is true. Just take a good look at the situation. Seattle gets so little sunlight that the weather predictors speak in terms, not of sunny days or cloudy days, rather, they speak in terms of sun breaks. Sun breaks are those rare holes in the perpetual Seattle cloud cover that remind Seattlites that they need to buy more sunglasses, (having forgotten where they put their last pair.)

Because the cloud cover is so thick, men's legs loose all of their natural color and turn white. This is a terrible predicament because white is not a manly color for men's legs. In response, the manly masculine men of Seattle have taken it upon themselves to expose their white colorless legs and thus reflect what little sunlight might happen to penetrate through the thick winter cloud layer in hopes of further brightening the otherwise depressing sunless days. Seattlites can be so altruistic.

This does have one drawback, however. It appears that wearing kilts adds to global warming.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Laguna Beach Tide Pools

Sandra & Juan take the nieces & nephews to Laguna Beach
Looking for tide pool critters

Sea anemones

Mushroom's reflection among the sea anemones

Juan wonders, "What could we do now?"
No, Let's throw Juan in to the ocean.
Sandra runs away while the boys try to throw Juan into the sea
This niece prefers to build sand castles.These nieces prefer to play in the water.
The sun sets, the air cools and the day is done.

Southern California Winter Fun

Fred knew Denise and I before we knew each other. Leila met us after she stole Fred's heart.
Daile gets teased by her dad, a lot!

The Mission Viejo Ditzlers converge on the docks
Hey! Look at that Heron! Hmmm? Maybe Sun Hong doesn't like heron.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Montoya 2008 Xmas Holidays

Sandra prepares for the feast by baking cookies.
Alli gets a haircut from Sue
"Who's coming?" the dogs wonder as they wag away
Dogs make Eda feel right at home
Denise is sporting the latest in snowman earings
Sue & Alli settle in for the festivities

We all enjoyed feasting for the holiday
Raymond and Sandra are at it again.

Smiles and more smiles

Daile is rudely awakened from her snooze by the camera's flash
Relaxing and snoozing after the feast
The dogs say goodbye as Sandra & Juan return home