Monday, May 16, 2005

Death brought its gifts

Death brought its gifts through Denise and me. I never really thought of Death as a giver of gifts, and yet, Death brought its gifts today.
Denise was the guest Speaker at a "Grief" class at
Highline College. As she retold the story of Jeremy's death, the whole class became so quiet you could hear a pin drop. I am so proud of her.
As for me, I was filmed for a special video commercial on donating blood. But, the trick is I had to deliver my request in Spanish. Although Spanish was my first language, I haven't spoken it for FIFTY (50) years. I was surprised by how well I did. My openig line in the film is, "La sangre de tu cuerpo es la sangre de la vida, proque la sangre es la vida." The blood in your body is the blood of life because blood is life.
I made two grown men cry when I told them the story of putting my head on Robert's chest and listening to my son's heart beating so strongly inside. Even now, it brings tears to my eyes. But these are good tears, mixed with a little grief laden sadness. Our son gifted us with compassion. What a marvelous gift that is. Gracias, mi hijo, Jeremy.