Saturday, July 14, 2007

Delightful Addition

We have a new son.
Min is a 14 year old Korean boy.
He has become our 3rd son and our
3rd child to arrive in July.
Bonnie arrived in July 1986,
Celeste arrived in July 1994 and
Min arrived in July 2007.
I suppose you could say that July is "International Children's Month" in the Montoya household.
He is also a first born, as are Denise, Jeremy, Orlando, Bonnie, Celeste and me; all of the North Wet Montoyas.

Come and Celebrate with us!!!

Wedded Bliss

Denise and I have been married for 12,000 days as of 9 July 2007. I am so lucky that her mother brought her over to meet me in June, 1973.

12,000 days qualifies us as having made a delightfully successful marriage.

Our kids have told us that we have been successful parents too. ;-)


Weve been married

12,000 days

(on 9 July 2007)