Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I am grateful for discussions that challenge how I see things

I am grateful for thought provoking and belief challenging discussions. I try to be open minded. I know that the more I learn, the more I realize that there is so much out there that, not only, do I not know, but there is far more that I do not know that I do not know.
Language is not very good at conveying true meaning. Our interpretation of language is colored, tempered, and twisted by our culture, our family, our friends, and our experiences. When we speak with one another, face to face, we have added cues from intonation and body language. The written word is in more danger of misinterpretation.
When I encounter someone who invites me into a discussion that challenges my beliefs, my world view, my concept of reality, I have to work hard to be open minded and see if I am open enough to really listen. I don't have to agree. I don't have to accept what the other says as being fact. But if I am not listening, I might miss a gem that I need in my life. Therefore I am grateful for discussions that challenge how I see things.

Monday, August 19, 2013

I am grateful for my Mate for Life, Denise
She makes it so easy for me to love and cherish her. 
She encourages me to be the best version of myself. 
She believes in me better than I believe in myself. 
She inflates my heart   with the sweet and loving things that she does for all of us. 
She has a secret compartment in her brain where she keeps comical characters. She brings them out to play and makes everyone laugh and laugh. She even makes herself laugh. I hear her laugh when she reads or watches TV. She makes up silly songs.
She is an inspiration to me. 
She is intelligent, witty, and organized. 
She is able to do that horrible four letter word thing, you know, PLAN. She is good at it. 
She is far more artistic than she believes she is. I would weigh far less if she weren't such a great chef.
Her only fault is that she is from Venus, whereas I am from Mars and sometimes I have no idea what she is talking about.
I am so lucky to have such a beautiful woman, who is so smart and loving be in love with me. I love Denise, a lot.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Coyote Spirit's Gift

I am grateful for my imagination.
In a time long before now, the creator spirits gathered together to admire the latest creations, First Man and First woman. "This is good," they said. "But they need to have a way to learn and to solve problems, and to enjoy life." Coyote spirit smiled. He walked over First Man and First Woman and blew a very special gift into their hearts and minds. The other creator spirits looked at Coyote with suspicion. "What did you give them?" they asked in unison. Coyote said nothing. He just smiled. Great Owl spirit hopped over to Coyote and said, "Coyote, my brother, Tell us that you did not give them the ultimate gift. We don't think that are ready for it." Coyote ran and jumped between the bodies of First Man and First Woman. "They will learn how to use it wisely. If they use it from the heart first." Dragon spoke next. "Brother Coyote, I understand that you want to have them be like us. But if they can't keep their minds from overshadowing their hearts, they will destroy themselves. I will become invisible and become their guardian, always reminding them to use their hearts when using the gift that you gave them.
Coyote smiled and said, "Thank you, Dragon. This gift will allow them to communicate with us. It will help them create beauty. How could I deprive them of that? Yes, there are risks. That will make the gift all that more valuable."
The Creator Spirits gathered around First Man and First Woman and blew life into them. They said to them, "Be blessed, for Coyote has given you the most powerful of all gifts, IMAGINATION. Be grateful for this gift and use it wisely. Because, like a knife, if used carelessly, it will cause great harm. When used with love, it brings beauty. Walk in the beauty way and be grateful."