Sunday, June 25, 2006

Brett & Jessica's Wedding

Sunday, 25 June 2006 was a joy filled, bright sun shiney day in hot 105 degree Davis, California. Our oldest nephew (on the Ditzler side of the family) Brett married the love of his life, Jessica. Brett graduated from UC Davis with his degree in Civil Engineering a week earlier. He didn't give himself time to take a breath before having their wedding. Ah, youth has endless energy.
I was the honored Celebrant for their wedding. It is so awesome watching a couple morph from two stressed and slightly worried people into very happy and delighted newlyweds. And I had the best view in the house!
Denise was asked to be their photographer. Poor Denise was working very hard while taking the best photos in the 105 degree heat and very happy bright sunshine.
Now that
Brett and Jessica are married, they will have the opportunity to discover the wonder that is deep inside each of them. They will give each other the opportunity to express the grandest versions of themselves.
Denise and I are very proud of them and we wish them the best that life has to offer.