Saturday, February 12, 2005

Bonnie and Jiho are such happy newly weds. Posted by Hello

Bonnie as a princess in a play.  Posted by Hello

Bonnie's 7th birthday Posted by Hello

Happy Birthday Jin Sookie

Valentine's Day is Bonnie Jin Sook Montoya's birthday. She has grown into a wonderfully bright and beautiful woman. I remember taking her little hand as we walked back to the Sokyeo hotel, in Seoul, and pulling her ahead of me. Then I ran past her and pulled her ahead of me again. We kept this up. She looked up at me, smiling a smile of relief that seemed to say, my, "new dad, is fun." She stole my heart that first day.
Bonnie is now back in Korea, re-learning how to be Korean. She is happily married to a wonderful young man, Jiho, who makes his parents very proud of him. They love each other very much and that makes Denise and I vary happy. The word is vary because she makes us happy in so many various ways.
Bonnie is a very talented violin player. She and her violin create beautiful music together. It feads her soul. I'm sure that she could teach her dogs to dance if she played for them often.
Bonnie is an English teacher in Seoul. I bet she never imagined that when she grew up, she would return to her motherland and teach that language that was so confusing and difficult to learn. Isn't it amazing how life teases us so.
Denise and I bless her and wish her a wonderul new year, filled with delights to excite her, challenges to help her grow, violin playing to enhance her charm and much love to warm her heart.
Sa rang handa, Jin Sookie
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