Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Notice the mushroom in the apple pie? Posted by Hello

Playing Scrabble for Mushroom's 56th birthday Posted by Hello

Mushroom's family birthday party

On Sunday, Orlando and Tara came over to celebrate Mushroom's birthday. Tara made an organic apple pie for Mushroom. It is so yummy. You should have been here. Denise made a delectable salmon a lorange dinner with asparagus and rice. It was mouth watering. You should have been here. Tara and Orlando gifted Mushroom with a deluxe Scrabble game. They played and Tara actually beat her father-in-law. Mushroom was very impressed and is even more glad, (if that were humanly possible) that someone so smart as she is a member of the family. You should have been here.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Mushroom is 56

Dear Loved Ones & other Krazies,
On March 7th, 1949 my mother kicked me out of the
house I was living in. Well, maybe it did not exactly
happen just that way. But she was greatly relieved
that, although I did not fit out the door that she had
for me, the doctor's scalpel made a new exit door.
Thus I was born, and the world has been enhanced, or
so I try to make it so.
I love the fact that I have survived all of deaths
near misses and I am still here to enjoy playing with
all of you.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Happy Birthday to our favorite son-in-law, Ok, so he's our only son-in-law, but he is still our favorite!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! JIHO !!! Posted by Hello

March 6th is Jiho's Birthday. Jiho has made his parents very proud and he has made Denise and I very proud. Happy Birthday, Jiho. We love you very much! Posted by Hello

We took Celeste to the Azteca Restaurant for her 16th birthday. Posted by Hello

Celeste is growing up so fast. She makes her parents proud. She will be the dive team captain next school year. Posted by Hello

Mushroom & Denise February 2005 So happy together and its only been 11,000 days. Posted by Hello

Photo Time

It seems as if time has sped along so fast and the photos that we have of each other are old and out of date. Take a look some recent photos.

Review of Bless Me Ultima

We just finished re-reading Bless Me Ultima, by Rudy Anaya. It is a book about growing up in a small village in Northern New Mexico as seen from the eyes of a young boy. Ultima is a curandera who comes to live out her last days with his family. The book delves into the ways of being and living in a household where the father is a caballero (cowboy) and and his mother is a farmer. . Antonio, the main character, is introduced to the magical world of Ultima, the Godlen Carp, and Catholicism. He struggles to understand the power and meaning of God or Gods and how these Gods or versions of God fit into his own life and the lives of his people. Ultima introduces him to the world of the brujas (people who use spirit to do evil things), to the sacred power of Spirit and to grow into a man. It is well worth reading.