Thursday, December 19, 2019

Childhood Xmas

When ye were a wee lass or a wee lad, did ya wonder what Santa would bring ya on Xmas morn? When I was a wee lad, Xmas morn was long and painful. Me brothers and I would awaken early and peek into the living room, staring at the presents under the tree. Our parents, who, on any normal day, would be up hours before we would, would be nowhere in sight. They would be in their bedroom getting dressed for Xmas mass.

No presents would be opened until we came home from mass. And would they take us to an early mass, like the 6:00 AM, or 8:00 Am, or 10:00 AM? NO! They took us to mass at noon. Cruel that be.
I would pray, "Please dear Lord, Make Father Flannery say mass really fast.” The good Lord must have been hard of hearing or he was too busy enjoying the choir singing Xmas songs. I couldn't pay attention to the sermons, or the readings. I’d forget when to stand or kneel.  Me thoughts were on wondering what was in the box under our Xmas tree.
Tell me about your Xmas morns when ye were a wee lass or a wee lad.