Saturday, December 12, 2009

Xmas Letter 2009

Moving Boxes
Or Xmas Presents
Take your pick of either boxes, we have plenty of each.
Mary & Raymond, Do you remember these xmas presents from 2004? We should get together again for another humongus xmas party. You two were stinkers for leaving all 8 kids with us, while you guys relaxed in a hotel. But hey, it was so much fun to reunite with all of the nieces (7) and nephew (1).

We’ve moved from The Great North WET (Washington) to Sunny California with lots and lots of boxes!

Our new contact info. is: 7114 El Paseo St., Long Beach, CA 90815, ph. 562-596-2280.

Celeste got the drive of her life as she drove a 26 foot diesel Penske moving truck along highway 99 near Fresno. She was helping her dad drive one of 3 loads of furniture from Kent, Washington to Long Beach, Sunny California.

Celeste is working fulltime at JC Penney, and they love her! She enjoyed going to the beach this summer and is getting to know cousins again. She’s bee a vigilant caregiver to her Grandma, when both parents are out of the house!

Great Grandma Eda Bea has reconnected to many friends, and retired, after 18 yrs., with the Long Beach Fire Ambassadors. She was recognized by the City Council for her many years of service and received a certificate from the Mayor.

Mushroom has reconnected with family and old friends. He continues to conduct his shamanism healing practice. Mushroom volunteers at the VA, where he works in the Hospice Unit.

Mushroom took Denise to Avalon on Catalina Island for their 35th anniversary this summer!

Denise is putting forth effort to allow the universe to express her skills in the workforce. Until she becomes employed, she’s learning how to manage 3 rental properties in 2 states and is helping all of the above family members to make Great Grandma’s house a home. She took Mushroom for a weekend getaway in Carlsbad, CA, while brother Cass filled in at home caring for Eda Bea.

Bonnie and Jiho moved to Los Angeles where Bonnie is working and Jiho is going to school to learn acupuncture. They came over to help decorate the house for xmas.


Our greatest gifts this year have been:

* The going-away parties given by coworkers and friends!

* The visits by faraway friends, who didn’t want to let us leave in the first place!

* The welcoming we received from our Southern CA families & friends, who helped us to move in and had us over for dinner.

We wish for you Happy Holidays and a love-filled New Year.

Denise & Mushroom & Celeste & Eda Bea & Sugar & Ginger

Saturday, December 05, 2009

After Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday in which families can take the opportunity to get together to express their gratitude.
Gratitude reawakens our awareness of just how good it is to be alive. All of our life experiences have brought us gifts for which we should give thanks. Granted, some of our life experiences have been bitter and painful. Yet, they, too, have contributed to making us who we are. They have contributed by tempering us with wisdom. They stretch the boundaries of our experience which, then allows us to feel joy and laughter far deeper, maybe even deep enough to awaken our awareness of how closely we are connected to everyone and everything around us.
I am grateful, on this Autumn day, to be alive and aware of just how lucky I am.
I am grateful for the opportunities I am given to be a blessing to all those whom I meet.

The weekend after Thanksgiving, Brett & Jessica brought Baby Olivia to visit her Great Grandmother, Eda Bea, and her Great Aunt, Denise and her Great Uncle Mushroom. She had a great time on her walk to El Dorado Park, where her dad used to play when he was little. Oh wait, Brett was never little. ;-)
Isis took the reins to get Sugar to the park.
Eda Bea was recovering from hand surgery when we all went to the park.
Eda Bea's great grand daughter, Olivia took a nap in the park.
While Tigerboy climbed the tree, sort of.
Jiho, Bonnie, Jessica and Brett enjoyed playing show and tell with their kids.
Brett asks, "Is Uncle Mushroom really a hobbit?"
Bonnie shots a photo while Mushroom shoots her.
Eda leads us all home
Brett, Olivia and Great Grandma Eda Bea rest after going to the park.