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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

2004 in Review

February: Tara and Orlando became home owners. We are so proud of them for taking this big step.

March: Denise & Mushroom met Raymond & Sue and Mary & Tino and Erin & Lamon in Las Vegas. We were there celebrating Mushroom’s and Mary’s 55th and 40th birthdays. We walked hither & yon, talked, drank lots of beer and laughed a lot. Mary talked Mushroom into dancing on a little stage in the Venetian Hotel. He made $2.00 in two minutes. Move over Fred Astair.

May: The big event was two events. Bonnie graduated from the University of Maryland at the Seoul Korea Campus on 16 May. Mushroom went up to congratulate her after the ceremony and burst out crying. Jiho started to cry too. These two men are so emotional when it comes to family members making them proud. Bonnie earned her bachelors degree in psychology.
We finally got the chance to meet Jiho’s family. Bonnie was so excited for us to meet them. She coached us on the proper way of doing things Korean style. They fed us so much great tasting food. Mr. Yoon kept telling us, “Enjoy your food.” Jiho’s family is awesome.

The following Sunday, Jiho and Bonnie participated in their TWO weddings. The first was a Western style white wedding.
They are such a beautiful couple. When Mushroom first saw Bonnie he started to cry. Bonnie held back her own tears as the Father of the Bride walked his princess down the aisle.
The second was a traditional Korean wedding. It felt like we stepped into the past. Bonnie and Jiho wore traditional red Korean wedding outfits. My heart swells just to remember it. Jack & Irene and their two girls came to Korea for the wedding from Okinawa.
The Yoon family is so wonderful. We were inducted into the family in such a warm and loving way. We know that Bonnie is well loved.

June: Celeste, Denise and Mushroom flew out to the Land Of Enchantment to participate in Jim’s and Jenny’s wedding. Mushroom was the celebrant. The preparations were mighty for a charming wedding in the Manzano Mountains, east of Albuquerque. It was hot and dry. Jim prayed for rain and Boy Oh Boy did he get it. The wedding ceremony ended up under the covered picnic area as the wind and rain celebrated. By the time Mushroom rang the Tibetan bells signaling the end of the ceremony, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Jim and Jenny flew off to China, where they now work for the Peace Corps.

July: Celeste attended a Russian language camp this summer. She had a blast and relearned some of her native Russian.
August: Denise flew off to China to help with the Peony Project for WACAP. I am so proud of her. The Peony Project is partially funded by the Gates Foundation to help disabled children in China.
September: Celeste was anxious for school to start so that she could get back into the water from the diving board. She has improved so much that she received the Most Improved Diver award from her coach.
December: Raymond & Sue and Mary & Tino and their kids came by train and plane to share Xmas with us. There were 16 Montoyas having a world of fun. We laughed and played and teased and laughed. You should have been here.

May you be blessed with loving kindness throughout the new year.
Mushroom Denise Celeste in Kent and Orlando & Tara in Auburn and Bonnie & Jiho in Korea.