Wednesday, November 09, 2016

On Trump's Election

Shock and confusion slithered up my legs and into the pit of my stomach as I watched the election results on the TV. Disappointed sat on my chest making me want to cry when the TV announcer said that Hillary had conceded.
Did more than half of my fellow Americans really elect Trump, a man who spews hate and bigotry?

The fire of hate and bigotry needs negative fuel. I shall not feed it. 

I went to bed bewildered, worrying about the future, about what will happen to my fellow earthlings if Trump follows through with what he has campaigned to do. 

Worry and fear woke me in the middle of the night. We battled. They wore me out and I fell back into a restless sleep. Chirping birds, blue sky and warm sunshine woke me up. "Only now exists," they said in unison. "Be love. Be compassion. Feed your dream of a loving and diverse humanity. Radiate joy in our diverse humanity. Boldly step into being the ONES we have been waiting for."

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