Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Holidaze from NorthWet Montoya Family

32 Years of Wedded Fun!

Denise and Mushroom are included in this year’s NKC calendar. This photo didn’t make the cut, but we like it the best!

Wei Halmoni Denise and Wei Halobaji, with first grandchild, Edan Isu Yoon on 20 February 2006!

Proud sibs, Bonnie and Orlando, join in congratulating Celeste on her graduation from Kentwood High School. Celeste had an extraordinary senior year:

Diving, swimming, gymnastics, and judo competitions; her senior project; her first full time job working on the primary and general elections (how much overtime?!!!), and bought her first car!

Mushroom officiated at nephew Brett and Jessica’s wedding in Sacramento in June!

“Santa, I can explain…” Denise had a run of bad luck with our three cars. In short: 8/8 – a flat tire in the van, 8/16 – another flat in the van. 8/22 – was rear-ended in the Acura, 8/23 – rear-ended another vehicle in Celeste’s Saturn. 9/15 - Acura returned from the shop, 9/20 – Acura stolen and found stripped 3 days later. GEICO determined it a total loss. Court date for the 8/23 accident is 12/29. The photo above is the front seat of the Acura, with its missing $15k seats (the car was only worth $7k.)

We’ve had record rain (flooding), snow, ice, and windstorms (1 million Puget Sound customers without power) this fall. We can hardly wait for winter to arrive!
Mushroom mentors student shamans occasionally here at our house, and with one of his students in the Midwest, via the Internet. He is quite the high tech shaman! Mushroom recently provided a didgeridoo lesson for a senior high school student for the boy’s senior project. What a teacher!

Denise continues to provide project management expertise to the local nonprofit adoption agency. The annual auction, raised more money and had more reservations than in its previous 30 years. (No, she isn’t taking all the credit!)

Mushroom and Denise continue to volunteer for the NW Kidney Centers (NKC) as their mascot. They attend health fairs as a 7 foot tall blue kidney. Mushroom always wants to be tall!

Denise replaced the grass in the front yard with hardy perennial and annual flowers. The rocks in the foreground were found under the sod, and provide a landing space for errant basketballs. The paver path provides access to all of the plants and allows for safe movement of the hose

Mushroom and Grandma Eda Bea at Thanksgiving 2006 in Kent, WA

We Wish you Joyful Holidays

and a Happy New Year!!!

Denise & Mushroom, Celeste and Ginger

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