Sunday, December 16, 2018

Asking the Potato Bush for a Healing

The uninvited microscopic visitors that I have been having coffee and tea with for that past couple of days, waged a battle with my bronchial tubes. I coughed and hacked and coughed some more.
Our purple flowering potato bush whispered, "Come outside and I will help you."
I walked out, and the air immediately embraced me with her silky breath. I opened the gate in the old picket fence and stepped into the backyard. I touched the pink rose bloom that was smiling at me and asked it to help. I reached up to shake hands with our guava tree, asking that it also to help me. I walked around the guava and gave the Bird of Paradise bloom a big smile. I stopped, breathed in deep and turned toward the potato bush that now reached a height of 8 feet and is at least as wide. I held one of her leaves, gently with my thumb and finger. I closed my eyes, breathed in deeply, and asked it to help my body heal, to be a conduit from Mother Earth to bring me healing.
I could feel energy flowing into my arm. It felt like a loving embrace.
Before I opened my eyes, I heard the bees buzzing around the orange tree. When I opened my eyes, a bright ripe orange lay to the right of my feet. I thanked the plant people and Mother Earth. I went inside and ate the orange. My coughing had subsided when I first set foot into the backyard. It stopped when I held the potato bush.
I am blessed.

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