Saturday, June 02, 2018

When We First Met

My brothers and I hosted our parents' 25th wedding anniversary at thier house. We invited their friends, relatives and neighbors. Our neighbor, Eda Bea, and I chatted while I tended bar at my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary. “I just returned from Viet Nam,” I said.
“Oh, that must have been horrible,” she said.
“It was,” I said. I wanted to change the subject. I wanted to keep my parents' anniversary happy. “After we left Viet Nam our ship sailed with two other ships completely around the world. We sailed around Africa.”
“That must’ve been fun,” she said. “How long will you be home before you have to leave again?”
“I've been transferred to a ship, whose homeport is here in Long Beach.”
“Oh, good! We’ll be seeing more of you then.” She talked about her children, who I knew, except for one. She didn’t understand how I could not know, Denise, her oldest daughter, since I had been to her house so many times to retrieve my little sister. My sister’s best friend was Holly, Eda Bea’s youngest daughter.  Eda Bea looked at her watch and told me to stay put. “Denise should be home from work by now,” she said. “Wait here and I’ll bring her over for you.”

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