Thursday, January 14, 2010

Flag over the US Capitol 18 December 2009

Today, I received a gift. It came in the form of a flag and a certificate. Denise had contacted Senator Dianne Feinstein requesting the flag that would hang over the capitol on Jeremy's 40th Birthday, 18 December 2009. The flag came from the Architect of the Capitol.

When I opened the box from the U.S. Senate, its contents brought tears from my eyes. I am grateful for our son, Jeremy. I am grateful for the gifts he brought into this life and for the gifts that he left behind.

One of his kidneys lasted 17 years. That is amazing. Denise and I were conflicted with our emotions when we found out. We were amazed that it lasted 17 years and we were disappointed that its time was done. It is a little sting of death and its associated grief that cruelly reminded us that Jeremy is dead. I miss him, terribly.

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