Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It has been 16 years since Jeremy died

Mushroom sharing an ice cream cone with Jeremy on the Long Beach City College campus before Mushroom went to Viet NamJeremy & Orlando at the University of New Mexico at Halloween time
This is one of my favorite photos of Jeremy and Orlando together
Jeremy and Orlando together as we were building the greenhouse in our Albuquerque home.

October, changes its green sequined dress for a multishade coat of oranges, ocres, browns and yellows. But she hides her salted swords and just when I am caught in her beauty she slices a deep cut into my heart and I cry, deep, deep inside for a long, long time.

It was a charmingly sunny October morning when we received the call that Jeremy was in intensive care and the hospital needed our permission to provide medical care. Jeremy had been hit while riding his motorcycle, which he loved to do. Our son died 23 October 1992.

But that very week later, four families were saying prayers of thankgsgiving for Jeremy's life saving organs. I miss our son, very, very , very much, especially when October dresses in gold and rubies.


Roberta said...

I was startled when I opened your blog this time, because I recognized so well that pic of you and Jeremy (I took it...).

You have a couple pictures I haven't seen before. : )


Anonymous said...

Phil and I were thinkin' of you and thought I'd come say hi and pay homage to Jeremy. I don't remember nearly enough about him; my most distinct memory is a family trip to Disney, not sure if it was in FLA or CA, but I do remember I was young and shy and he was older, and charming and confident and I was intimidated.